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Kill popular weeds in Australia with weed mat

Get rid from Top 5 Annoying Weeds

At, we are too keen on weeds. Well, it would be fair to say that if we had to choose between saving a weed or waxing our teams’ bodies of their body hair (yes, all of it), we would happily request for someone to start heating up the wax. While weed mat is the solution to ensure you have a beautiful, weed managed garden, we wanted to take some time to educate our customers on our top 5 weeds within Australia that have caused us sleepless nights. Welcome to, Australia’s #1 seller of quality weed mat.  

#5 Dandelions
Yeah, we said it. Dandelions are a problem for us. Blow Blow Blow and those little demons will end up popping up all over your lawn and your garden. “Oh look mummy, there’s a dandelion over there”. Cute. “Oh look mummy, there are 80,000 dandelions covering our entire house”. Less cute. Dandelions look pretty but did you know that their root system can reach up to 30cm under the ground. That means that no matter how many times you pull one out, it will inevitably pop back up. Solution: Cover it with weed mat from and say goodbye to Dandelions. Oh, and also say good bye to your children’s hope and dreams .. sorry about that.  

#4 European Blackberry
But blackberries are yum yum we hear you say. No. Blackberries are one of the most invasive weeds that have completely destroyed many a garden. European blackberries can infest large areas on garden quickly, as they grow vigorously and are able to germinate over large areas. Due to density, thickets of European blackberries can pose a fire hazard because of the dry material that is often captured inside them. Animals can also become trapped in them. Anyone for burnt, animal flavoured European blackberries … no thank you. Solution: Cover it with weed mat from and say goodbye to European blackberries. Oh, and some wild berries are actually poisonous so definitely don’t go sampling these ones, ever.   

#3 Chilean Needle Grass
I mean, c’mon, it’s called needle grass people. This nightmare perennial, long living weed grows in dense clumps and is named due to its wonderful (not) sharp, needle like pointed seeds. With an extensive and fibrous root system that is difficult to pull from the grounds, it has little nutrients and often impacts farm productivity. The sharp seeds have a natural twisting mechanism, meaning that they can work they way into the skin and even into muscle, causing significant health issues for the unfortunate animals or humans who come into contact with them. It’s a real little winner all round. Solution: Cover it with weed mat from and say goodbye to Chilean needle grass and your Chilean needle grass nightmares. 

#2 Fireweed 
Similar to the Chilean needle grass, the name here is not the greatest introduction to a plant that can potentially kill animals. Fireweed is an annual or short-lived perennial and is toxic to livestock. The toxins found in Fireweed can even taint the milk of some livestock. Solution: Cover it with weed mat from and say goodbye to Fireweed and farm animals producing a fiery, milky disaster. Yuk.  

#1 Nightshade
If you are looking for a weed that can kill Mr Ed, well we found it. Nightshade can currently be found in over 100 varieties across Australia and is (unbelievably) actually closely related to the tomato plant. While Black Beauty would probably love to chomp on a few tomatoes, it certainly would not enjoy a nibble on some Nightshade due to it likely causing colic, diarrhoea, paralysis and intestinal stasis if left untreated. Um, this plant can kill a horse. Solution: Cover it with weed mat from and say goodbye to Nightshade and your children’s worst fears. 

So now you have the skinny on the worst weeds across Australia that create ugly gardens, impossible clean up and oh, yes death to animals. Come join us on the journey to get rid of all weeds and make Australia beautiful.  

Australia’s #1 Kids weed mat retailer. Welcome to We'll stop your weeds … or else.  

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