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FREE Delivery ANYWHERE in Australia

Weed Mat

  • Kill popular weeds in Australia with weed mat

    Get rid from Top 5 Annoying Weeds

    At, we are too keen on weeds. Well, it would be fair to say that if we had to choose between saving a weed or waxing our teams’ bodies of their body hair (yes, all of it), we would...

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  • How to install Weed Mat correctly in your garden

    How to correctly install Weed Mat We stop the weeds, or else. But, how well we stop the weeds definitely depends on how well you install the weed mat. “But I just lay the weed mat on the ground right”, we hear you say. No,...

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  • Welcome to

    Welcome to

    Welcome to We stop the weeds, or else. At we pride ourselves at being the best in the business for stopping weeds. is the number one seller of quality weed mat across Australia. We service all locations and offer Free Delivery as standard....

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