Pack of 100 Synthetic Weed Mat Pins or Pegs

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It's all about the pegs or pins ! If you want a professional finish for keep your new weed mat in place. then look no further. Made from galvanized steel, these mat pins are strong and durable, and are also corrosion resistant. Ideally spaced at between 30cm and 50cm, these pins are perfect for securing the edges and middle of your weed mat. Simple but effective. 

3mm thick U Shape Pegs
Galvanized steel finish
Designed to be scratch and corrosion- free with long life span
Only one pin for every 30cm to 50cm of weed mat
Can also be used for Tent Pegs and Tarpaulin Pegs

Material: Galvanized Steel

Package Contents
100 x Synthetic Weed Mat Pins

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