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Premium Weed Control Mat | Black - 3.66m x 30m

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A high quality product that works.

Keep weeds in check with this premium quality, UV resistant and highly durable weed Mat. Perfect for use in weed control for under deckings, garden paths, driveways, swing sets, sand pits and any other home or recreational application. This weed Mat negates the use of chemicals and allows air and liquid to pass through its porous surface, which allows rainfall to soak into the soil while reducing evaporation and encouraging beneficial worm activity. 

TOUGH. This premium mat is constructed using a very heavy 85GSM woven fabric and is flexible for cutting and shaping, but extremely robust for all weather conditions.

BREATHABLE. Our Weed Mat is expertly designed to have a porous surface which allows both water and air to flow freely through the mat. This flow is critical to your soils health and will ensure maximum plant growth.

UV-STABLIZED and CORROSION-RESISTANT.  Specifically designed to ensure  maximum longevity in your garden, there is no need to worry about sun damage or corrosion to the weed mat when used for normal garden applications. Our product will last. 

EFFICIENT.  To make planting faster and easier, our premium weed mat comes pre printed with indicator lines to allow you to easily space plants for the most effective growth, and most efficient spacing within your garden area. 

FLEXIBLE. Our weed mat is very easily cut to suit any size required within your garden. No configuration is too complex. 

NON TOXIC. Unlike chemical weed killers, our premium weed mat contains no toxins that can leech into the soil and cause ongoing harm to plant life. 

Size: 3.66m x 30m
Net weight: 85g/m2

Package Contents
1 x Weed Control Mat