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Welcome to We stop the weeds, or else. At we pride ourselves at being the best in the business for stopping weeds. is the number one seller of quality weed mat across Australia. We service all locations and offer Free Delivery as standard. The price you see on our product listings, is the price you pay. No exceptions.  

But what does stopping weeds actually mean? Why are weeds even a problem? Read through the below and we promise that you will never think the same way about weeds, ever again. 

Imagine a savannah full of zebra, elephants and gazelles. Now imagine that in the middle of all that chaos is a small, young antelope. Like all the animals in the savannah, the small antelope needs access to fresh water to survive. But with packs of zebra, herds of elephants and heard of gazelles as his direct competition, our poor little antelope just doesn’t stand a chance. Why are we talking about the African savannah you ask? Well, Africa is much closer to us than you probably realise. In your garden (the savannah), the clover clumps (the pack of zebras), the winter grass (the heard of elephants) and the dandelion weeds (the herd of gazelle) are directly competing for water with your newly planted pansy’s (our young antelope).  

The weeds in your garden have been bred over a long period of time to dominate your garden and are really (like really) good at taking exactly what they need from the soil and their surroundings. Many people believe that “all can survive together” but in many cases, that just isn’t the case. When it comes to a fight of weeds vs newly planted plants, often the weeds win. Removing weeds offers your selected plants they absolute best opportunity to thrive in your garden.  

Weeds have adapted to survive, creating vigorous root systems that can and often easily overtake you're selected cultivated plants for water and nutrients. They are also very good at quickly growing upwards and outwards, dominating the sun and ensuring that they capture all of the available light sources in your garden.  

Often, weeds don’t actually do the killing of your selected plants. However, it is a given that your weeds “bully” type mentality results in weakened cultivated plants, which are much more susceptible to attacks from diseases and pests in your garden.  

As well as ensuring your cultivated plants are in a weakened state, ironically, it is those same weeds which often carry the pests and diseases on them that ultimately transfer to and kill your plant selection. Weeds that are left unattended routinely provide a hiding spot for pests over the colder months, while in the summer months, weed canopies provide much needed shelter for other unwanted pests in your garden such as slugs and snails.  

If your cultivated plant selection includes edibles, then weeds often make the process of harvesting those edibles, considerably more difficult and often significant time is spent working out weed from edible.  

Lastly … and yes, we are going to say it. Weeds are generally ugly. By definition, weeds are “undesirables” in your garden and historically, most weeds became a weed because your friend rosemary visited your garden in the 16th century and said “oh, what is that”. Embarrassed that you would have grown an “undesirable” in your otherwise pristine garden, your immediate response to Rosemary was “Oh, that one is weed”.  

Bullying, pest harbouring, confusing and ugly. Hard to love a weed with that lot. Let’s get rid of them together. We told you that you would never look at weeds the same way again.  A world with no weeds. Welcome to 

If you have been thinking about using weed mat to keep your weeds under control then please browse through our available sizes to pick the amount of weed mat that is perfect for your garden. Don’t forget to purchase the weed mat pins!  

Australia’s #1 Kids Weed Mat retailer. Welcome to We stop weeds … or else. 

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