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Why is the best place to buy WeedMat

Best place to buy Weed Mat -

At, we stop the weeds, or else. But what makes a good weed mat? Why can’t I just go buy that cheap stuff at the large garden retailer? If you are looking to stop weeds permanently and want to know what separates weed mat from the rest, then keep reading below.  

Our weed mat is triple woven. Our weed mat is TOUGH. This premium mat is constructed using a very heavy 85GSM woven fabric and is flexible for cutting and shaping, but extremely robust for all weather conditions. In addition, our weed mat is designed to be tough for a long time. We ensure that every roll of weed mat we sell is UV-STABLIZED and CORROSION-RESISTANT.  Specifically designed to ensure maximum longevity in your garden, there is no need to worry about sun damage or corrosion to the weed mat when used for normal garden applications. Our product will last.  

Our weed mat is line marked. Our weed mat is EFFICIENT.  To make planting faster and easier, our premium weed mat comes pre printed with indicator lines to allow you to easily space plants for the most effective growth, and most efficient spacing within your garden area. FLEXIBLE. Our weed mat is very easily cut to suit any size required within your garden. No configuration is too complex.  

Our weed mat is dual stitched. Our weed mat is VERSATILE. Unlike our inferior competition in the market, our weed mat is dual stitched meaning that it is extremely difficult to tear or break without the use of a cutting device. This means that stray roots or other sharp items in the garden will not tear your weed mat into shreds, defeating the very purpose of it being there in the first place. However, our weed mat is easily cut with a sharp cutting tool, making it easy to shape and work into the unique shapes of your garden beds.  

Our weed mat allows for triple draining (compared to other weed mat brands). Our weed mat is BREATHABLE. Our Weed Mat is expertly designed to have a porous surface which allows both water and air to flow freely through the mat. This flow is critical to your soils health and will ensure maximum plant growth. 

Our weed mat is available in larger than “department store” shelf sizes. Our weed mat is CUSTOMISABLE. Size matters. More than size, you need to be able to accommodate all aspects of your garden. Sticking multiple pieces of weed mat together is not ideal so we encourage our customer so measure their garden and to buy the least number of pieces required to get the job done. Most large garden retailers will stock smaller, standard sizes. These are often only suitable for much smaller gardens and small spaces.  

Our weed mat is friendly. Our weed mat is NON TOXIC. Unlike chemical weed killers, our premium weed mat contains no toxins that can leech into the soil and cause ongoing harm to plant life.  

Now that you understand what makes a quality weed mat, please check out our great range of sizes available for immediately delivery and dispatch within 24 hours.  

Australia’s #1 Kids Weed mat retailer. Welcome to We'll stop your weeds … or else.  

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